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We're an affordable web development firm offering quality technical solutions and providing students with opportunities to grow

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Top employers and internship programs in all fields are searching for coders with real-world programming experience. Unfortunately for many enterprising college students, hunting for those opportunities requires time and connections most undergrads do not have.


At Xenah Developers, we're excited to offer a solution.

We empower our team to provide IT, software, and coding-based solutions for professional clients. We strive to offer CS students the opportunity to work on meaningful projects outside of class, honing their skills, gaining hands-on experience, getting paid, and rising above the competition for internships and jobs. We are currently expanding and looking for new university partnerships. 


Working on a client's app independently has helped me understand the unique advantages and challenges of both SwiftUI and working as a solo developer on a large project as well as the importance of design patterns and maintainable code.

A.J. / Senior Developer

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The Garage

Team Spotlight: Xenah Developers

The Garage recently met with the co-founders of Xenah Developers, Will Xenakis and Niraj Shah, McCormick ‘23, to learn more about their company, their journey, and their plans for the future.




Want to hear us talk about our future plans?

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