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What's Next

Although we are excited to provide software solutions for our clients using our talented project managers and developers, our primary focus has always been the development of talent. We seek to provide educational opportunities for those seeking careers in computer science. Historically, we have offered reimbursement for online boot camps used to gather skills helpful to our team.


As we grow, we plan to expand our services. We are currently building out learning modules focused around technical and behavioral interview prep in addition to general career development tips. Coding bootcamps and career assistance are plentiful and available online, but we are unique in that we also provide actual job experience as well. We believe that by standardizing lessons for our developers, we can have them working on projects and learning valuable experience in a quicker and more cost efficient manner. The introduction of a formal developer training program is an exciting step forward for us at Xenah. We believe the combination of learning modules and project based experience will produce qualified and skilled software engineers who will make for extremely attractive candidates as they pursue careers beyond graduation. 


We are excited to grow! Members of Xenah are encouraged to recruit other developers. We are proud to offer a referral bonus for bringing on new creators to our team. There is a flat $25 bonus (Amazon or Paypal gift card). In addition to the $25 upfront, there will be an additional bonus worth up to 5% of the new developer’s first project. Terms and conditions apply.

Members AND Clients of Xenah are also encouraged to help drive future business development. We are proud to offer a referral program for bringing new clients to our team. For current clients we provide a retroactive refund of up to 15% (5% per new contract signed). Xenah members have the opportunity to earn up to 5% of a referred client’s project upon payment. Terms and conditions apply.

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