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Meet the  Team

Niraj Shah, CEO

Niraj is a third-year undergraduate student at Northwestern University. Combining skills gained from backgrounds in consulting and computer science, Niraj is excited to lead an adaptive, modern technology services company. When he’s not running things at Xenah, Niraj takes time to explore nature in all its wonders.

Xenakis Headshot.png

William Xenakis, COO

William is a third-year undergraduate student at Northwestern University. With internships at OpenTable, Vacasa, and AI Dynamics, William is well versed in the field of computer science and software development. When he’s not managing projects and operations at Xenah, William can be found on the golf course or practicing his skills in mixology.

beretta headshot (1).jpeg

Matthew Beretta, CGO

Matt is a third-year undergraduate studying economics and mathematics at Northwestern. Leveraging previous experience in M&A and data analytics, he is responsible for shaping the business into a more scalable model as well as driving growth at other universities. When not in the classroom or working with the rest of the Xenah team, Matt can be found racing sailboats or practicing martial arts.

IMG_2787 (1).jpeg

Heron Lenz, Director of HR

Heron is a senior studying biology and global health at Northwestern. He uses his experience in customer service to drive client engagement and developer management. When he’s not running developer meetings, he can be found exploring his avid love of nature.

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