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We specialize in building out Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for pre-seed startups through our product suite of technical consulting, app development, and website development. If you have an idea that requires technical services but do not have the expertise or time to develop it yourself, we are excited to help. Our team of product managers, developers, and designers will work by your side every step of the way to develop and execute your vision in a quick and cost-efficient manner. 


Initial Consultation

You have an idea - we want to help you grow. Our team offers a technical perspective and will discuss possible paths forward with you. Even if our developers aren't the right fit for your project, we are more than happy to help guide you in the right direction to find your perfect match.


Basic Website Development

Basic websites can be built using website builder programs like Wix and Squarespace. These do not require starting from scratch and allow us to customize the website to your unique needs—these work best for websites with limited custom user interaction and are geared towards displaying information.


Custom Complex-Built Website

Complex custom-built websites can be built using languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and/or frameworks like React, Flask, and Django. These work best for websites with custom user interaction and data management needs. It is a blank canvas and allows us to customize every aspect of your website to your specifications. 


User Experience/User Interface Design

Whether or not we build out your MVP, our designers will work hand in hand with you to wireframe the perfect interface and user experience that can then be used as your launchpad for developing your MVP on your path to funding.


Mobile Application

We can construct Mobile applications in React Native or Swift. These similarly require starting from scratch and allows us to build you a custom MVP—these work best for ideas that need repeated use from the user base. 


Technical Consultation

If you do not require our project-building services or if we cannot develop your idea ourselves, we do offer general technical consulting beyond our initial meeting. These meetings will be with a team of our most experienced developers and/or company executives. Services include helping refine your search for full-time developers, fleshing out your existing idea and identifying tools and resources that might help you along your journey.

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